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Wow what can I say 2016, was an extremely busy year for me, in fact I think I am still recovering! How I managed to juggle working full time, running a house, being a mum and not only writing but also illustrating my first children's book I don't know. Ive also exhibited art in Kent and London this year as well as writing for the Institue of Civil Enginners. It has however not only been a fantastic experience, it has also been an invaluable, learning curve. Inky Babble is now available for £6.99 through Amazon. Just click on the image below to be taken to Amazon.

I launched the book through my own publishing company Toil and Trouble Publishing on 5th December 2016 after spending a year plugging the book across social media and I am so pleased with how well its has been received not just by children but also by their mums and dads.

I have been furiously working away in the back ground talking to people about different aspects of the publishing world and Inky Babble, updating the website and working on my next book, which you won't see until 2018.

I liberated my office from the Christmas boxes last week and managed to finish the rough story draft of my next book, which I'm so pleased to have done. I find it really difficult to protect my writing days as I have so many demands on me, but fiercely protect them I do. I have an old writing desk in my office, which I love so much. Its a bureau that was given to my dad as a boy by his grandparents and its full of little draws and cubbyholes where I can put all of my scraps of paper that I scribble my ideas on. I'm also surrounded by Inky Babble artwork and witches hats so its definitely my space, where I can shut the door and write.

if this is your first visit to InkyBabble.co.uk I hope you enjoy your visit and do get in contact if you have any questions. You can contact me through this website or you can connect with me on Twitter @InkyBabble or find me on Facebook on my Inky Babble page.

Bye for now

Hannah x

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